Motherhood on its own is a full-time job. With the cooking, cleaning, prepping and chasing after the kids, it seems unreal that women can do all this while chasing after their career goals. 

When a mother juggles these two aspects of her life flawlessly, she is then labelled a supermom, or a successful mom. But don’t underestimate; becoming and being a successful mom is no easy feat. It can exhaust even the most capable of women.  

There are a few exemplary women who make this work, however, and full-time IT professional Shubhada Bhide is one of them. 

Shubhada Bhide, a successful mom.

Photo by Shubhada B.

When Shubhada, fondly known as Shub, started as a simple account called “Rainbow Diaries” on Orkut, Friendster and then Facebook, she had no idea that it would lead to the creation of a lifestyle portal that draws some 70,000 members.

Today, is considered to be among the top parenting and lifestyle sites in Singapore — an achievement that Shub is extremely proud of. On top of that, she also founded Social Media Moms Singapore, a platform that brings together mothers and entrepreneurs (momtrepreneurs). 

In a bid to get to know her better and hopefully pick up some of her productive habits, we speak to Shub about how she successfully handles her family life while holding down a day job and being at the helm of Singapore’s top lifestyle and parenting sites. 


Did you plan on achieving anything when you started Rainbow Diaries and Social Media Moms Singapore?

Honestly, I didn’t have a plan at all when I created I just wanted to express and share my experiences so that other parents can share theirs, too. It has been a learning journey since the beginning, but my little efforts in building a mom community finally paid off.

Shub tutoring her son.

Photo by Shubhada B.

You’re a high-performance mom and wear multiple hats. What’s your typical day like?

My roles include woman, wife, mom, IT pro, home chef, blogger, influencer, host, WhatsApp and FB groups admin and so on. So yes, just like any other moms, I wear many hats. When you have an exciting line-up of tasks to be done then high performance comes naturally, doesn’t it? 

Generally, my day is packed with making breakfast and lunch for my kids, getting them ready for school, and then prepping myself for my online-offline hybrid office. In the evenings, I spend time with family, kids and in between all this, I take some time out for my social media.


What’s the best part about what you do? Were there any instances that made you rethink your decision?

I think I love the opportunities that I get to learn, unlearn and relearn while building the RainbowDiaries community. Also, I really have fun interacting with the online family. There’s just so much to share and care about. 

The only thing that has made me (sometimes still makes me) rethink this decision is mom guilt. I do sometimes feel as if I’m not giving my 100% to my kids and family. But I guess for mothers, there’s always more to our personality than just motherhood or being a successful mom. And we have to continue exploring it. 

What is your secret to successfully juggling everything?

Here’s a simple mantra that I follow: “If you love it, you’ll make time for it.”

Passion makes it possible for me. Another aspect that is crucial is the multi-tasking ability that I believe every woman has by default. So, it’s very much possible to chase your dreams.

Shubhada B.

Photo by Shubhada B.

What’s one misconception about successful moms with careers that you would like to put to rest?

Being a successful mom doesn’t mean you have to single-handedly do everything perfectly. There are no perfect mothers, but at the same time, there are no bad mothers. 

We all have our strengths and weaknesses. There’s no harm in asking for help; it takes a village to raise kids.

Shubhada B. using the Hydragun on her shoulders and neck.

Photo by Shubhada B.

How do you make time for yourself?

I am a 100% believer of the fact a “Happy mom = Happy Family”. I ensure that I spend quality time with myself. I go for long walks, spend time in salons and spas and get body massages. 

I also use a deep tissue massage gun like Hydragun to get that much-needed care for aching muscles after a hard day’s work. It massages really well – whether it’s my neck, shoulder or calves. 

I can’t head to massage salons these days so this is such a cool and handy gadget to have. IT professionals such as myself have to spend long hours on computers, resulting in terrible neck, arms and back pain. But I’ve used Hydragun to alleviate these pains.

Sometimes I just sit and do nothing, and that will power me up. 


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How do you keep yourself in the best shape possible — mentally and physically?

I mostly eat plant-based food which I find lighter on my tummy and doesn’t contribute to weight gain. I also take long walks and work out at the gym whenever I can. 

As far as mental fitness is concerned, I don’t take myself too seriously and try to stay away from gossip or other unproductive things. Meditation and prayers also act as major soothers. I try my best not to be sleep-deprived too.

How do you get yourself out of burnout, if that happens? 

It’s normal for those leading busy lives, to experience burnout. For me, that feeling of tiredness or lethargy is an indicator that something is not right. Mood swings, anger, or sadness are also telltale signs that I’m losing my mojo. 

I try not to linger in this phase for a long time. I just slow down so that I can go fast later. I tell myself that everything else can wait. I’ll get a good sleep, watch a movie or go on a coffee date with my partner and indulge in silly jokes with my kids. I’ll bounce back in no time. 

Shubhada B. with her family.

Photo by Shubhada B.

What are some of the best memories and moments you’ve shared with your family?

To be honest, all the moments are the best moments when you are with your family. I cherish the memories of our travels and most recently, of the time we spent together during circuit breaker (lockdown) and how we made the most of it by baking, gardening, playing and staying safe at home.

I must thank my hubby and 2 kids for wholeheartedly supporting my social media adventures and being an integral part of them. They are my best critics too. 

What are your tips for working moms who are struggling to make it work? 

Here are some pointers that I personally follow:

  • Don’t get bogged down by societal or your personal expectations of motherhood or a successful mom.
  • Ask for help. There’s always support coming from your spouse, kids, family and online communities.
  • Chase your dreams. Motherhood should give you wings to fly.
  • Strive for beautiful imperfection rather than stressful perfection.
  • Take out time for your favorite things – be it a hobby, going out with friends or pursuing a passion.
  • There’s no right time to start something new. Take the plunge instead of overthinking it.
  • You can do much more than you think you can. Trust yourself!
  • Parenting is a learning journey. We all are doing our best and we all are supermoms.
  • Read parenting books and informative websites but do remember that each child is unique and so is each parent. 
  • Don’t waste your time comparing your parenting journey with someone else’s. Cherish your own experiences and constantly learn and evolve.


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