Have you ever: 

Channeled your inner Ancient Greek messenger with the day’s run? Hauled everything you own into a new apartment? Sat the whole day at work, even? 

If you’re familiar with any of what’s mentioned above, you ought to watch your back. Back pain affects about 80% of us at any point in our lives. If you’re one of those people, we’ve got your handy guide to get started:


Infographic containing basic guidelines on managing back pain

Do you need to see the doctor?

Some types of back pain can be beyond your own control. Seek medical advice when they persist or disrupt your normal functioning. While we can’t diagnose back pain by ourselves, a good quality deep tissue massage gun can help ease certain injuries.

The Takeaway

Back pain happens to even the best of us. Where and how you might get it may be different from others. The human body sees these factors all the same, however. What your body tries to tell you is always valid – listen to it. 

Literally and figuratively, much of the weight you carry is placed on your back. It deserves the best care you can provide. If you know what to do and who can help, there’s little need to worry. Stay healthy and in the know. Those troubles will be behind you in no time.

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