Have you ever seen a massage gun before? These portable devices are powerful, lightweight, and easy to use. When you can’t go to a massage therapist, this will do all the work for you by relieving muscle tension and body pains. 

Plus, it’s also more practical. in the long run. Rather than booking multiple massage appointments, you can get spa-quality massages at the comfort of your home, minus the compounding costs. However, there’s one catch. Like any other self-recovery tool, if you don’t have an idea of how a massage gun works, or how to use it, you might end up getting bruised or injured. 

Massage guns work by literally hammering the pain away. It gives out gentle “punches” that effectively loosen up tight knots in your muscles. But, if you push it harshly onto an injured muscle, you might aggravate the pain. Worst case scenario, you might even end up in the emergency room. 

So, how do you use a massage gun properly? Are there any limitations to keep in mind? In this article, let’s talk about the major mistakes you’d want to avoid while using a massage gun. 


6 Mistakes to Avoid When You Use a Massage Gun

Man using the Hydragun on his shoulder blade

Using the Massage Gun for More Than 20 minutes

You’d probably assume, the longer the massage, the more effective it can be. After all, massage therapists usually take an hour or more, to rub down and soothe all of your muscles. However, the case is different with massage guns. It’s made for instant muscle relief. When you use it after a workout, it takes only 10 to 15 minutes before you can feel the effects on your body. 

Some people even reported that they can feel their pain ebbing away, after 5 minutes of using a massage gun. It’s guaranteed to be time-efficient and practical. This is why deep tissue massage guns like the Hydragun, come with a safety feature. It automatically shuts off after 10 minutes of usage. Check out this feature for yourself and get a Hydragun here

So, here’s a reminder: don’t overdo it. Use the massage gun only for 10 to 15 minutes max. Any more than that, and you might be doing more harm than good. 

Hydragun kit open and laid out on the grass

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Using the Wrong Attachment Head

Massage guns usually have 4 to 6 attachment heads in their kit. Each head is designed for a specific purpose and body part. If you have zero ideas of what these are, you might be using the wrong attachment head for your muscles. And, you’re probably not getting 100% relief, since you don’t know how to target pain points in your body.

So, here’s a quick guide on which attachment heads you should use:

  1. The ball head is for large muscles, like your back and thighs.
  2. The bullet head targets pain points in your neck, palms, and soles of your feet.
  3. The fork head releases tension in your spine, neck, and arms.
  4. The flat head spreads out the vibration to large muscles, such as your legs.
  5. The steel flat head is perfect for when you’re using the Hydragun over your clothes.
  6. The steel round head is another one to use over your clothes. This one’s popular with athletes, since it gives an intense massage for hard muscles.
Smiling man using the Hydragun on his thigh

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Starting from the Highest Speed First

Don’t start at the highest speed level. While everyone can tolerate pain in different ways, it’s not wise to shock your system with an intense massage, from the get-go. 

The highest speed setting in a massage gun isn’t suitable for everyone, especially if you’re a first-time user. For instance, the Hydragun runs at a maximum of 3200 PPM (Percussions Per Minute). That means, it can hit your muscles up to 3200 times per minute! Even if you’re an athlete, you don’t just go for the highest speed level first. Listen to what your body needs. You need a relaxing massage, not something that will rattle your bones to the core. 

So, when you get your Hydragun and start using it, gradually work your way up from level one. Start with a low-speed setting first, and let your muscles get used to it before you go for a deeper massage. 

Someone using the Hydragun on another person’s back

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Keeping the Massage Gun On One Spot 

Just like its name, massage guns are normally shaped like a gun. It’s designed that way so you can easily maneuver it now and then. It can target the right places on your body. Don’t let its ergonomic purpose go to waste. When you’re using a massage gun, don’t focus on one area only. Let it float over and around your sore muscles

If you’re done with one part of your body, switch it over to the next. The massage gun should be lightweight enough, so you can adjust your grip without getting tired. Another point to remember: don’t push the massage gun too hard on your skin. It’s like you’re over stimulating the muscle, encouraging it to tense up even more, rather than to relax. If you push it too harshly, you might be at risk of bruising or straining your muscles. 

Someone holding their knee with both hands while sitting on grass

Using the Massage Gun on Bony Areas 

Listen up, this one’s a big mistake. Don’t use the massage gun on sensitive and bony parts of your body. 

Massage guns are made for the muscles. Specifically, it’s perfect for your neck, back, arms, and legs. It’s not something that can realign your spine, nor is it a facial massager. The general rule of thumb is to avoid the bones. You’ll definitely feel it when a massage gun hits your ribs or spine– it bounces back and doesn’t feel great at all. So, don’t use it on your bones. If you have a headache, don’t apply the massage gun to your skull. All of these might sound like common sense, but a lot of people might forget about it.  

The same goes for sensitive and tense muscles. There’s a big difference between muscle tension near your hips and a full-blown stomach ache that needs a separate treatment. Don’t confuse the two. Remember, if you feel like the massage gun’s making the pain worse, pause and check in with your body. You can also consult your doctor on what to do next, or if you’re doing the massage right. 

Focus on the back of a massage gun, where the power button is located

Placing the Massage Gun on Your Skin Before Turning It On

Sometimes, you might forget how a massage gun works. All you want to do is dive right into the relaxing session, without reading the instructions first. A big no-no, in anyone’s books. Here’s the last thing you should remember: don’t place the massage gun on your skin before turning it on. 

You’re probably thinking, “duh, that’s common sense.” Yes, it is. But, there are many times when common sense might not be so common. It’s easy to forget how powerful a massage gun can be. When you push the massage gun onto your skin, then turn it on, you’re not giving yourself enough time to get used to it– how it “punches” the surface. As a result, it might bruise your muscles.

It’s not wise at all. You’re risking yourself of a muscle injury, instead of treating it. So, reduce any risk of mishap by turning it on first. It’s easier to gauge a massage gun’s speed when you do this. You can test it slowly, then see if it’s fast enough for you or not. 

Man using the Hydragun on his thigh while sitting on a mat

Use Massage Guns the Right Way to Reap The Full Benefits

Massage guns can enhance your recovery, but it’s best if you know how to use them properly. So, before you use it every day, keep in mind the list above and don’t make the same mistakes. 

If you’re looking for a massage gun that gives the just-right massage intensity at a competitive price point, check out the HYDRAGUN today. It’s made for everyone, from athletes to everyday office workers. You don’t believe us? Look at how other people are raving about it. 

Massage gun on white background, with a text bubble overlaying it

Saju, a former skeptic about massage guns, admitted how they changed his life. As he explained, “my trainer at the gym used one on me, nothing short of miraculous!”

Massage gun on a work desk, with a text bubble overlaying it

It’s also a big hit with remote workers, who are stuck in draining Zoom meetings and overtime hours. As someone said in a customer review, “I get to use it during long Zoom meetings to relieve my neck pains.” 

This massage gun is designed for any situation you’re in. Whether you just left the gym or slouched over your desk for long hours, it treats your body pains in an instant. But of course, the best way to prove this is to try the Hydragun for yourself now. 



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