Not being mindful in your movements can cause back pain. That said, better habits can also stop back pain in its tracks. Some are so simple, they almost feel like hacks. Yoga offers both physical and mental benefits for every need and demographic. Here’s a simple and effective Yoga for back pain routine you can try:



Yoga in your wellness routine

Yoga is stretching exercises that  also build muscle strength. Considered a self-massage in itself, Yoga has plenty to offer your mind and body. Other self-massages, like percussive therapy, pair well with Yoga in recovery. Keep your back healthy with a killer routine and a deep tissue massage gun.


While we’re rolling up our mats

Our backs do plenty of work in looking after the body. In keeping strength and alignment, a little extra goes a long way.

Yoga is considered both a prevention and cure. Its versatility means there is a routine for everyone. It does more beyond boosting your physical and mental strength. It also helps you understand your body better.

Do you want to learn more about managing back pain? Check out this general guide to find what you need most.



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