“Prove your doubters wrong. Embrace and turn the negative into positive.” – Gordan Tay


Gordan Tay shared with us that one of the darkest moments in his life was his first year in the army. His parents were going through a divorce, he was getting bullied in the army camp, he was having a serious shoulder injury, and also got his heartbroken- his insecurities skyrocketed.

“My darkest moment will probably be my first year in the army. My parents were going through a divorce, I was bullied in the army camp, I lost a Basketball tournament badly and tore my shoulder ligament. But the biggest part was that my then-girlfriend broke up with me and went back to her ex-boyfriend. And throughout that relationship, she has always criticized me for my frail physique. I told myself that I have to make a change in my life, I have to be much stronger in basketball, and I have to get a physique that doesn’t get me bullied so easily and that will give my future girlfriend more sense of security. And so, I started lifting weights and never looked back since.”


Reflecting on his career beginnings, Gordan initially thought that Bodybuilding wasn’t for him, because it seemed too unattainable. It was through his will to take back control of his life, and inspiration from his role model, Steve Cook, a pioneer in the Men’s Physique division, that Gordan took the leap of faith. With hard work, sheer determination, and consistency, he sculpted his body into a fine work of art. Gordan became a champion in FM Men’s Physique Short Class division, twice. But for him, fitness wasn’t about winning:

“… the biggest impact on me is that it gives me a career, a community of friends, and the chance to inspire others in their own fitness journey.”

He credits Bodybuilding as the key that helped him take back full control of his life and is also the source of strength to deal with hardships that come along the way.

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