Whether you’re passionate about meeting your “10k steps a day” goal or someone who just enjoys strolling in nature after a long day at work, foot pain can be a total mood-killer.

And we’re not talking about just regular, dull “it’ll go away” soon pain. We’re talking about a debilitating, nothing-can-distract-you-from-it kind of pain. 

So, what gives? What do pain on the outside of your foot or sharp pain at the bottom of your foot when walking mean? What is your foot paying the price for, exactly?

The common causes of foot pain on the outside of foot when walking, according to Hydragun.

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Manage foot pain with a massage gun

Foot pain is a common problem, no matter your age or health condition. Whether you spend your day walking or staying on your feet, there’s bound to be an ache or two that can be concerning.

Stay on top of the problem and give your feet a good massage with the Hydragun, and incorporate it into your daily routine — be it during warmup, cool down or even during times when you feel an ache coming. 

Massage guns have been proven to ease pain and soreness via percussive therapy, and with this, you can literally massage your foot pain away and even prevent it from recurring. 

Check out this video from a Hydragun user, who achieved relief from Plantar Fasciitis:

Foot pain relief is only a click of a button away — try Hydragun today!

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