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Can’t find a good massage therapist?  What if I told you, I have a massage therapist, you can take anywhere.

What’s up Mixon mice. I am Nathen Mixon, your fitness coach and I have partnered up with HYDRAGUN.

This company focuses on percussion therapy to help you recover faster and better. Percussion massages, they’re definitely here to stay and you may be purchasing your next recovery solution here very soon.

That being said, do not think a percussion massager isn’t for you. I am calling on massage therapists, runners, trainers, mommies, daddies, whatever.  This will take your recovery to the next level and I should definitely know because I’ve been using percussion massages for the last couple years now.

As I mentioned before, this is a partnership video so I will be giving away one of these bad mamma jamma, these Hydraguns to you so make sure you stay till the end of the video to find out how to get one. If you don’t win, don’t worry, I still got you.  If you want to get one right now, you don’t want to wait. Make sure you look down in the description.

I’m gonna leave a discount code there for you. Now before we get started on this Hydragun, make sure you follow me on Instagram @nathen.mixon. I post there daily so if you want to get some latest tips and tricks, make sure you follow me there. And as you all know, I do love positive and encouraging comments so your thoughtful words may be posted here as well so keep them coming.

‍Now, let’s get down and dirty with the HYDRAGUN (And that was my real voice too by the way). 

This percussion massager is much like the Theragun, but a little bit better.  And if you want to see my Theragun review, make sure you check the link in the description down below. Among other things, it’s a lot cheaper retailing at 299. It cuts the Theragun’s price directly in half, and it still delivers awesome performance based off the two weeks I’ve had this product.

Now let me ask you something.

When you work out to one of my videos or maybe had a long day of work, do you ever feel a little bit sore? Your muscles, they may be tight. It may be hard to walk up and down the stairs. It may just hurt to sit down.  Sometimes you may even feel drained, and that feeling is called DOMS. D-O-M-S and it stands for Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness.

Typically, one might go to a massage therapist after a gruesome workout. Massage Therapy is actually a good thing.  It can reduce stress. It can reduce pain. It can improve the circulation in your body, yada yada blah blah blah yeah I can smack it. That’s all good but it can sometimes be an inconvenience. You have to weave through traffic and sometimes depending on where you go, a massage can range from $30 to $100, and that’s just for one session.

Now there is a difference between a massage therapist and a HYDRAGUN deep tissue massage gun. And that is, you can do it anywhere, anytime. You pay one set price. You can get all of the benefits as a massage therapist. But you can also improve your sleep, your flexibility and also increase your immunity. You are literally stimulating the lymph nodes in your body to recharge the body’s natural defense systems.

You can definitely go the cheaper route and getting a foam roller is going to give you the same great benefits, but with a percussion massager, it gets a lot easier to pinpoint what you want to massage the most. I use my HYDRAGUN before, during, and definitely after my workout.

Now to maximize your workout, float the device over your muscles you intend to work out. For example, if I’m going to go running, I would hit my quads, my hamstrings and definitely my IT band.  This is going to loosen my muscles like I just did a warm up. Of course you could spend a lot more time than just 30 seconds but always remember that everyone’s body is gonna be a little different.

Now the ergonomic handle makes hard-to-reach areas a little bit more easy. By the way everyone, let me just give you this disclaimer: This is for your muscles. Okay?  Not if you have a headache. Don’t put the HYDRAGUN on your head. It’s not gonna heal that headache. Trust me. Just trust me.

I love that simplistic look and design of the device too. Compared to my Theragun, it’s definitely a lot smaller when it comes to the case. It fits in my gym bag comfortably and that gym bag can also fit in my locker so I don’t have to lug it around. Speaking of the case, it’s designed for all of its contents. If I want something for a specific body part, I know exactly where to go, and with the $600 Theragun, everything, you just toss into a small baggie causing me to look for it.

Although the design is cool and I could still get those hard-to-reach places, it doesn’t get down to the nitty gritty quite like my Theragun. The Theragun gives you a few more angles making their life easier. But is it really worth the 300 extra dollars though? I don’t know. You tell me. Comment down below.

Now, it was a bit confusing to start the Hydragun as well. You have to hold the power button, wait a few seconds and then press it twice for it to start. If you want to turn it off, you can either hold the power button once again, or go past level six. And speaking of levels, the Hydragun has six levels to work with. It ranges from 1300 to 3200 rpms. This allows you to adjust your massage intensity depending on your needs. The Theragun, it goes from 0 to 100 real real quick. Not much range for comfort in my humblest opinion.

The battery can last up to 3 hours on one single charge. I never have to worry about not getting my recovery in that case. Now the Theragun, it comes with two batteries. Not really convenient if you have to save space in your bag or whatever the case may be, and also both of those batteries only last 60 to 70 minutes.

Now, the best thing about the HYDRAGUN is that it is very quiet. I don’t have to wear noise-cancelling headphones. I can watch TV and actually hear people on the phone. The Theragun sounds like I’m in a construction zone. Like I said in my previous video, I can’t even use it in some of these boogie gyms. Check out the sound test so you can just hear the difference. This is the sound of the theragun at 100%. This is the sound of the Hydragun at 100%.

In conclusion, I think the HYDRAGUN is definitely a solid device. It’s effective. It’s sleek and also it comes with a one and a half year warranty. You essentially get a better package for a cheaper price. The HYDRAGUN is definitely ideal for anyone who wants to recover faster so that includes you. If you are a trainer, if you are a massage therapist, you are going to make your money back with this particular product. I haven’t had any type of complaints from any of my clients. They love me for it actually.

My friends at HYDRAGUN sent me two of these devices and I personally only need one. So I want to give one to you. To win one of these HYDRAGUNs, all you have to do is like this video, comment, and have two of your friends comment on your comment and bada bing bada boom, you are entered for a chance to win a HYDRAGUN. Now I’m going to be announcing that winner on my Instagram feed so make sure you follow me on Instagram @nathenmixon. I will be announcing the winner on my Instagram one week from the publish date of this video so make sure you follow me there. If you want to see more review videos from me make sure you click the link in the top right-hand corner.

Let me know your thoughts on the HYDRAGUN percussion massager. Do you like it? Do you know of one that’s better? You think this one is the best one? I need to know. Comment down below.  Once again I am Nathen Mixon, and I will flex with you on the next one. Peace.

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