HYDRAGUN aims to change the game through technology and innovation

“I wanted to be the best, to get respect from my peers. But my frequent training put my body under constant stress and injury.”

Aloysius Chay struggled with these thoughts when he started doing Muay Thai about two years ago.

He loved the challenge, but his body couldn’t keep up with the training intensity. He would often get muscle aches and shin splints which got in the way of his training.

Foam rollers helped in some ways, but it couldn’t hit certain spots deep enough. Plus, he couldn’t just whip out a foam roller anywhere he wanted. And going for massages would be expensive and time-consuming.

He knew he needed something better. That’s when his coach introduced him to massage guns.

How HYDRAGUN came to be

Through massage guns, Aloysius was able to push harder and longer than he did before.

But massage guns are still pretty new technology. There aren’t many good options in the market yet. The decent ones are too expensive. The knockoffs feel like cheap toys.

So Aloysius thought of making his own massage gun. He approached some of the people he knew who could make this idea a reality. The team studied recovery, vibration therapy, massage therapy… Everything out there on sports recovery.

Aloysius wanted to create something that would be leagues ahead of what’s already out there. More than that, he wanted to create something for people like him—athletes who desire to pursue growth. Athletes who want to become better.

And finally, after thorough research and countless prototype testing, Hydragun was born.

Hydragun founder Aloysius Chay and the team behind this sports recovery device are fueled by one mission: to help athletes push beyond their limits, surpass themselves, and become better humans through enhanced recovery.

Recovery is key to breakthroughs.

Why enhanced recovery?

Because recovery keeps an athlete going.

Speedy recovery empowers athletes and active individuals to push harder and be better performers. This is the reason why foam rollers, massage guns, and even muscle recovery without supplements or protein powder are prevalent in the world of sports and fitness.

The American Council of Exercise researched the importance of post-exercise recovery. Scientists found out that the time you invest to recover is just as essential as the hours you spend on training. Recovery is significant for continued improvement and high-level performance.

Micro-tears form in your muscles whenever you do workouts. This is more common in bodyweight exercises and weightlifting. Forcing your muscle too much makes these tears grow. If you don’t give them sufficient time to heal, your muscles will start to feel fatigued, swollen, and inflamed. It may eventually lead to delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and burnout or overtraining syndrome (OTS). Either of the two can cause decreased performance or worse, a training plateau.

Research also shows that lack of rest and recovery can cause hormonal disturbances, neurological changes, deficient immune function, and depression.

And for very valid reasons.

Overtraining and extreme muscle soreness could eventually pose these emotional challenges to some fitness enthusiasts:

  • Sore muscles limit their strength. They feel ashamed whenever they can’t train as much as their peers.
  • Being unable to cope with the workout program affects their identity and self-worth. They tend to feel lacking and unproductive when they don’t do enough.
  • For athletes who rely heavily on physical and mental strength, traditional recovery methods might be too slow. This would cause bigger frustrations.
  • CrossFitters need to recover fast to keep up with their workout of the day (#WOD), but pushing beyond their capabilities may injure them. Failing to keep up with the community could also make them feel left out.
  • Fear of not being able to run, lift weights, or train anymore. This is an understandable dilemma for athletes who often suffer from muscle soreness and injuries. Untreated DOMS can be very persistent, and it can instill fear to individuals who still want to achieve more in their sports and fitness journey.

That’s why recovery is vital for an athlete’s growth. It helps you surpass yourself.

As Bruce Lee said, “There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”

And Hydragun can help you do just that.

How does HYDRAGUN work?

HYDRAGUN is a sports recovery device that utilizes percussion therapy to help athletes recover faster.

Percussion therapy combines vibration therapy and percussive forces to alleviate muscle pain. Together, they create rapid bursts of pressure that can go deep into your muscular tissues. It’s pretty much like having a deep-tissue massage at the comfort of your own home, gym, office, or wherever you may be. The combination of vibration therapy and percussion offers a quick remedy against DOMS.

Delayed onset muscle soreness is rampant among active individuals who undergo intense physical training. And sometimes, traditional massage therapy just isn’t enough. This is especially true for athletes who constantly push their limits like bodybuilders, CrossFitters, powerlifters, long-distance runners, and MMA fighters. Athletes of their caliber need a more powerful sports recovery device than foam rollers, massage sticks, and therapy balls.

And HYDRAGUN provides the solution. As a recovery game-changer, HYDRAGUN takes pride in the following features:

Hydragun red print illustration
  • Six speed settings. Having six speed settings lets you adjust the massage intensity depending on your needs. Experiencing sharper pain in other areas? Just set the level as you wish and let HYDRAGUN do its work.
  • Six interchangeable massage heads. This feature provides optimum muscle recovery by providing different sensations to your different muscle groups. HYDRAGUN is engineered to deliver 11 mm of amplitude which allows it to dig deeper into your body and give stronger effects.
  • 3-hour battery life. It is perfect for athletes who want to squeeze in recovery sessions whenever they’re on the go. You don’t want to get stuck into a power outlet
  • High torque motor. HYDRAGUN puts out a powerful, pummelling action of 3200 RPM to help you loosen your tight muscles and reduce muscle soreness after a hard training session. You can enjoy the benefits of deep-tissue massage without going through the hassle of booking and heading to a spa.
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy shell. The aerospace-grade aluminum alloy shell makes HYDRAGUN withstand high-performance demands. It is extremely durable and corrosion-resistant which is perfect for long-term use.
  • Excellent sound insulation. At less than 50 dB, HYDRAGUN is even quieter than your refrigerator. You can use it while talking to another person, inside your office, or late at night once you get home. Honestly, having a noisy recovery device doesn’t sound so relaxing at all.
  • Nano-scale, silicone-wrapped handle. Nano-scale, silicone-wrapped 99-degree handle gives you a better grip to massage hard-to-reach places on your back so you don’t have to bug your gym buddy or special other to help you with your massage.
  • Own carry case. If you’re a frequent traveler or if you want to bring it with you to the gym, you don’t have to worry about leaving your HYDRAGUN behind. It comes with its own carry case which allows you to bring your HYDRAGUN with you anywhere you go.

What’s more, HYDRAGUN  also offers a 1.5-year product warranty! As a trusted solution in sports recovery, Hydragun is committed to providing excellent customer service.

Since HYDRAGUN utilizes percussive therapy, this sports recovery device also provides all that percussion motion and vibration therapy have to give:

1. It is a fast remedy against DOMS. As a handheld device, Hydragun allows you to do localized percussion therapy right when you need it. The sooner you treat DOMS, the quicker you recover. You don’t have to worry about missing out on your training program or lifting lesser weights than the rest of the group. Can anything else be more convenient?


2.  It enhances flexibility. Aside from reducing pain, vibration therapy also synchronizes your muscular spindles which leads to a better range of motion. Flexible muscles become less prone to injuries and pains. And fewer injuries mean more opportunities to train and improve. Your flexibility will also enhance your balance and posture. Sounds like a good deal, right?


3. It increases blood circulation. Say goodbye to your nagging muscle pain, sporty one. Vibration therapy helps increase blood flow. It eases the buildup of lactic acid which causes muscle soreness. It also reduces inflammation and muscle tension.


Just a tip, though: Massage guns are really powerful devices, so don’t overuse it. Avoid staying in one area for too long. Keep it moving. A time limit of 10 to 15 minutes would be enough to treat your targeted area.


4. It promotes better lymphatic drainage. The taps and thumps of massage guns alleviate muscle tightness and muscle knots. When you have less of these bunch, the lymph can freely move to excrete toxins and waste. An improved lymphatic system paves the way to a healthier immune system and better metabolism.

This benefit has also an indirect effect on weight loss. Better metabolism means your muscles can burn more calories as you engage in physical activities.

There aren’t many percussive massage therapy studies yet, but some studies show that vibration therapy can enhance the muscle strength of adults, activate bone formation, improve bone strength, and even decrease muscle tremors. Massage guns are also considered helpful in treating insomnia and mitigating stress.

And yes, we all know how stress can affect one’s athletic performance. Before you suffer from stress and overtraining, heed our invitation: relax, rest, and recover. Take out your Hydragun and enjoy the much-needed massage that you deserve.

Save yourself from burnout and extreme muscle soreness. Now.

Man taking out Hydragun from a case

You’re probably asking, “Why should we choose HYDRAGUN over other available options?”

If you’re a high-performance athlete, you tend to experience DOMS more than other active individuals. And foam rollers, massage chairs, and massage sticks just won’t cut it. Other massage guns could be very expensive, though.

HYDRAGUN is tailored for athletes who are consistently pushing themselves to become better. Its easy-to-use buttons allow you to experience fast relief, hence reducing your recovery time. By recovering faster, you can do more and be more. You get to push yourself again and hone your skills. You become a better athlete.

And investing in a quality sports recovery device may be just what you need to keep progressing.

You may be strong and able now, but taking recovery for granted can take its toll on you. Champion athletes Anthony Ervin and Jax Mariash Koudele knew this too well.

Anthony Ervin has won two gold medals at the 2016 Olympic Games as part of the U.S. swimming team. Jax Mariash Koudele, on the other hand, was the female champion of long-distance running in Namibia and China.

Both Ervin and Koudele experienced burn out in the past and quit their respective sports. Koudele struggled during her preparation for the Grand Slam Plus running competition. She got exhausted in finding a balance between competition and recovery.

Thankfully though, they found their way back to their beloved sports and shared how they were able to overcome: through recovery and renewal.

You don’t have to go through what Ervin and Koudele went through. You don’t even have to be a professional athlete before you pay attention to the needs of your body.

Don’t wait for burnout and injury to steal your passion for sports and fitness. If you’re aiming for progressive improvement, quick and enhanced recovery is the way to go.

Is HYDRAGUN for You?

A word of advice, though: Hydragun may not be for everyone.

Specifically, HYDRAGUN is not for the faint of heart. It is designed to meet the demands of high performing individuals. It is not built for athletes who don’t take their fitness journey seriously. Athletes who only do light training sessions are not as prone to muscle aches as much as high performers do. They may not need HYDRAGUN to recover.

As with other massage guns, Hydragun is also not recommended to be used by those who have the following health conditions:

  • Inflammation-related injuries such as tendinitis, bursitis, periostitis, and fascitis
  • Osteoporosis or bone degeneration
  • Muscle disorders
  • Muscle strains
  • Severe varicose veins
  • Broken bones
  • Autoimmune diseases like multiple sclerosis, lupus, and scleroderma
  • Rheumatoid arthritis, gout, osteoarthritis, or fibromyalgia

Percussive therapy is not advisable for pregnant women, as well. Pregnant women should also avoid massage therapies like acupressure and shiatsu due to the risk of miscarriage. Expecting moms may opt to have prenatal massages to relieve yourself from back pain and muscle tension.

Most importantly, it is best to consult your doctor or physical therapist before using HYDRAGUN to ensure that it’s totally safe for you.

Join the Recovery Revolution

Because ultimately, you are the hero of our story. We exist to help high performers like you push beyond your limits through our recovery lines and community. We want to guide you. We want to journey with you. We want to see more strong-willed athletes surpass themselves.

And we want YOU to become one of those.

Click here now and start your journey to a better you. Join the recovery revolution.

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