Massage guns are rapidly becoming one of the hottest must-haves lately, so it won’t be a surprise if you come across any of them while scrolling through social media or online shopping platforms.

By now, you’ve probably heard of or seen the Hydragun in use — maybe by an Olympian, a fitness enthusiast, or even a hardworking career woman and mother — and are considering one for yourself.

So go on, read on about why the Hydragun massage gun is the perfect choice for you.

1. It has the most competitive price

Let’s face it; price plays a huge role in any kind of purchasing decision, which is why we often go to comparison sites to see price ranges and/or differences of products in the same category. 

We typically ask our customers who abandon their carts or opt-out at the last minute the reason they decided to back out, and most of them say that they’re not ready to commit to the price. 

We understand. A massage gun is quite an investment.

But after they’ve done their homework and find that the Hydragun massage gun is the most competitively priced, especially when compared to Theragun Pro ($599) and Hyperice Plus ($399), it all makes sense! The Hydragun is only $299, after all. 

2. It’s really quiet

The Hydragun massage gun being applied on the thigh.

Another reason why most consumers put off purchasing a massage gun is usually the amount of noise it makes when it’s switched on. 

The motor that powers massage guns can be extremely loud, so it’s no wonder how this can disrupt any warm-up, cool-down or even relaxation sessions. 

However, just for comparison, here’s all the information you need regarding the sound level Hydragun makes when compared to other massage guns in the market:


Theragun Pro: 75dB

Flow mini: 65dB

Hypervolt: 60dB

Hydragun: 50dB


And here’s how the Hydragun compares to other items around you, in case you’re curious:


Jet engine: 140dB

Chainsaw: 110dB

City traffic: 95dB

Vacuum cleaner: 85dB

Hydragun: 50dB

Whisper: 25dB


So, this means you don’t have to worry about anyone (or even yourself, for that matter) being disturbed by loud massage noises — especially if you’re planning on switching the Hydragun on quite frequently.

3. It’s lightweight and portable

The Hydragun massage gun packed in a gym bag.

Photo by @crisichung on Instagram

Weighing at just 1.04kg or 2.29lbs, you wouldn’t have to feel like you’re lugging an extremely heavy piece of equipment with you, especially if you’re planning on taking it during your run or outdoor workout sessions.

Plus, the Hydragun does come in a sleek carry-on bag for your convenience — if you’re planning on carrying the whole thing with you, that is. The massage heads and charger can fit in the same bag as the Hydragun itself, so you can target different massage groups anytime, anywhere.

4. It gives you full-body pain relief

A man massages his thigh with the massage gun.

If you suffer from any kind of recurring or chronic pain, or even conditions like fibromyalgia and sciatica, or perform manual labour that takes a toll on your body, the Hydragun would be the best pain relief buddy you could have with you.

The Hydragun can alleviate any soreness, pain or aches within 15 minutes so you can go back to feeling your best right away.

5. It really targets those deep knots and tension

If you happen to own a massage ball or a foam roller at home, you’d know how difficult it is to really get into deep areas like the hips, glutes and pecs. 

Try as you may, you’ll need to position yourself in an awkward stance to target those problem areas directly. Even then, you still might not be able to get the relief that you so badly want and need.

The wonderful thing about a massage gun like the Hydragun is that you only need to hover the gun around the targeted area and you’ll immediately experience relief.


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6. It helps you relax

As much as we can enjoy some soft music, sip a warm cup of chamomile tea and sniff essential oils, there’s nothing that can loosen you up like a good old massage — and we mean that in a literal sense.

The Hydragun is so easy to fit into your daily unwinding routine. You can give yourself a de-stressing massage while you watch your favourite series or right before your head hits the pillow at night. 

Whenever you feel like you need a boost of relaxation, the Hydragun is just a button away. What you’ll have in your hands is quite a handy endorphin-releasing tool!

7. It saves you both time and trouble

A woman giving herself a massage while working from home.

Photo by @lielaine on Instagram

Just 15 minutes to get a deep tissue massage? Check. Just one purchase for unlimited massages? Also check. 

Whether you’re living a busy and demanding life that leaves no room for a pampering session at the wellness centre, or simply don’t want to make the effort of getting a massage elsewhere, the Hydragun is for you.

Plus, it’s a cost-saving and convenient way to get a good rub-down, if you really think about it. No more spending money and time on multiple massage appointments.

That’s not to say that you should forgo your massage appointments completely — in fact, massage guns like Hydragun can supplement your professional massage sessions and enhance its effectiveness. 

Hydragun is the perfect massage gun for you

A photo of the Hydragun kit.

Now that you’ve got all the benefits listed down in this article, the only thing left to do is to make that decision — be it for yourself, or other people whose health and wellness matter to you.

Whether you work out a lot or are just someone who’s into wellness and relaxation, the Hydragun is an affordable and effective way to massage all your aches and pains away. 

If you would like to find out more about Hydragun and how to use it, read our article on How To Use Hydragun Deep Tissue Massage Gun. Or, if your mind’s already set, go ahead and get a Hydragun today.

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