We know that a massage is the quickest and most effective way of getting rid of muscle aches or pain. However, current circumstances (Covid-19, pandemic, lockdowns, etc.) make massages at the spa or even fitness centers almost impossible.

And so, the idea of a deep tissue massage gun like HYDRAGUN is definitely a big plus. You won’t need to set up an appointment, or wait for the spa or fitness center to open. Relief can be found right in the comfort of your own home.

This is why HYDRAGUN has become a regular feature on gift guides for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Christmas (and even workout must-haves), and it’s no surprise why.

But just to cement that opinion, we sought the advice of physiotherapist Resshaya Roobini. She gave us her opinion on how a deep tissue massage gun like HYDRAGUN can work wonders.

Trust her, she’s a professional!


What are your thoughts on HYDRAGUN? 

First and foremost, I must congratulate the team for coming up with HYDRAGUN. It is such a handy tool that has been developed with much attention to detail. As an on-the-go physio who practises in a non-clinical and community-based environment, the HYDRAGUN is perfectly packaged. 

I am a person who has a knack for organising, and the HYDRAGUN packaging took my breath away. It feels so luxurious and practical at the same time. The bag and perfectly-sized compartments for each item also enable neat and tidy storage. 

All I have to do is carry my HYDRAGUN bag and I’m ready to treat, regardless of place and time.

The gun did feel a little heavier at first, but it kept the head in place on targeted areas. I appreciated this a lot. The added pressure also allowed for deep muscle penetration and released tight muscle spasms effectively. It is also lighter than the massage guns that I have used before. 

Prior to the HYDRAGUN, I always used a hands-on approach for trigger point release or muscle spasms. This method sometimes results in sore thumbs and wrists due to continuous application of pressure. 


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A deep tissue massage gun like HYDRAGUN is a winner in my books. I can provide uniformed, sustained and continuous pressure to the affected areas without hurting myself in the process. 

Another plus point of the HYDRAGUN would be how silent it is. The gun functions with such little noise, even at maximum speed! It does give a more relaxing and therapeutic experience. 

The ergonomic and comfortable handle also allows self-massaging with ease — namely for the muscles of the upper back. 

I am thoroughly enjoying my experience with the HYDRAGUN. In fact, I now bring it along with me to my dance classes too to use it pre and post-class. It is truly effective in reducing DOMS, as I only experience a mild version of it the next day.

I also use it for my upper trapezius muscle spasm, which I’ve been experiencing for months now. The HYDRAGUN has allowed me to effectively relieve these spasms with ease. 

I even use it before I start my research work on the computer. This is to prevent muscle aches and soreness from prolonged desk work.


Tell us about your clients’ experiences with HYDRAGUN. 

I love the concept of a deep tissue massage gun like HYDRAGUN. Clients would be able to self-treat in the comforts of their own home, at work, at the gym — basically anywhere. Treatment time is also shorter does not take up much of your day. 

To ensure hygiene between clients, I sanitised the heads with antibacterial wipes. Client feedback was generally positive. They claimed to have very minimal soreness and look forward to their next exercise session with the HYDRAGUN. 

One of the biggest highlights is that HYDRAGUN delivers results in a shorter duration of time. This is compared to manual sports physio techniques or regular massage sessions. As a physio, I felt like I was able to manage more than 1 client during one exercise session. 

I’ve also used it for a few clients who are active badminton players. As suggested, I used HYDRAGUN for warm-up, in between sets and after the games. I worked on the upper back, shoulder girdle and leg muscles (glutes, quads, hamstring, and calves). 

However, I did avoid the shin as it was uncomfortable to run the gun over a bony prominence. 


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During one of the badminton games, a client of mine mildly injured himself. He had a history of ‘jumper’s knee’ which subsided over the years. However, the pain returned after continuous high-energy games that he partook in after a year of lockdown. 

He felt pain especially when bearing down on the kneecap, stiffness and also experienced some calf cramps. 

The first order of business required some icing and rest. Then, I used the HYDRAGUN around the patella, focusing on the patella tendon and the quadriceps muscles. I also used the steelhead in combination with a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (ketoprofen) ointment over the affected area. This was to improve absorption and distribution. 

Afterwards, the client reported at least 50% of pain reduction. He was even confident enough to bend his knee several times to test the pain level. 

HYDRAGUN was used twice a day for 3 days, about 20 minutes each session. We could easily time this, thanks to the HYDRAGUN 10-minute turn-off function. My client felt that the pain had reduced except for a slight pain at terminal extension. 


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This truly impressed me as the client did not have trouble moving about during the first few days of injury. On top of that, he experienced relief with the HYDRAGUN. 

As a physio, it is my advice to seek medical attention for any kind of injuries before resorting to self-treatment. Since I was aware that my client has a history of ‘jumper’s knee’, I felt confident enough to use the HYDRAGUN for pain relief and management based on his condition. 

I will definitely be using the HYDRAGUN during exercise rehab sessions, and recovery and pain management for my clients. 

A person uses HYDRAGUN on his calves.


Would you recommend HYDRAGUN to others?

I would definitely recommend HYDRAGUN to others, and to everyone for that matter. Active individuals will certainly benefit performance-wise, but aches and pain do not just occur to those who are sports active. 

In my opinion, a deep tissue massage gun like HYDRAGUN would be able to relieve anyone. It could be:

  • A child who slept in the wrong position.
  • A mother who’s just delivered and needs that extra therapeutic pain relief.
  • Individuals with jobs that involve prolonged inactivity.
  • Older adults who frequently experience aches and pains.

I’m happy to have the HYDRAGUN in my physio kit. It’s currently my go-to tool for quick, fast and effective muscle preparation, and injury prevention.


Need a massage to soothe that back pain or just for pure relaxation? Deep tissue massages will get the job done. Get your own Hydragun deep tissue massage gun today and let us know how it helped with your recovery.

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