Hamstring injuries are actually quite common among athletes and non-athletes. That said, it won’t hurt to give these muscles a little more attention. And you can comfortably do some of the best hamstring exercises at home. Here’s how:

But first, why do we need hamstring strengthening exercises?

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Hamstring injuries commonly result from running. You might have seen your favorite athlete sprint a yard too far; then clutch behind their thigh in an abrupt halt. And this usually ends in a lengthy injury spell. So what exactly goes on there?

Your hamstrings consist of three long muscles behind your thigh. They bear plenty of stress since you use them for walking, going up the stairs, and even sitting down. That said, your hamstrings can be quite prone to injury – even without running. And as you’ve probably figured by now, your legs are nearly useless without them.

Best bodyweight hamstring exercises you can try

There’s actually plenty of hamstring exercises you can choose from. And you can already do a lot without even needing equipment, or a lot of space.  

Before you begin any workout, warming up your muscles is a must. Along with some light exercises, you can also wake up your hamstrings with a massage gun. Get a Hydragun here and warm up your muscles in as quick as two minutes. 

The key is proper form and maximum muscle engagement. You should really feel your hamstrings and glutes here. You can do 8 to 15 slow reps for up to 3 sets in each of these exercises: 

  • Young woman wearing gym attire performing a glute bridge
  • Young woman wearing gym attire performing a hamstring kickback with her left leg
  • Young woman wearing gym attire lifting back her left leg during a full plank
  • Young man wearing gym attire performing a bench hip thrust on gym bench
  • Young woman wearing gym attire performing an elevated glute bridge with a couch
  • Young woman wearing running attire performing a single-leg deadlift with her right leg
  • Young woman wearing gym attire performing a wide-stance squat
  • Young woman wearing gym attire stepping up a concrete park bench with her left leg

Best hamstring stretches to relieve soreness and tension

Stretching your hamstrings after a run or workout is a must. This helps them cool down, stay flexible, and recover properly. Hold each stretch for at least 15 seconds before releasing.

  • Young woman wearing gym attire seated on the floor bent forward reaching her toes
  • Young woman wearing gym attire seated on the floor bent forward reaching her right ankle with left leg folded inwards
  • Young man wearing gym attire performing a downward facing dog pose
  • Young woman wearing gym attire lunged forward with right leg stretch forward bending towards her right foot
  • Young woman wearing gym attire bending sideways to the left to perform a triangle pose
  • Young woman wearing gym attire bending straight down from a standing position to reach the ground

Other good routines for healthy hamstrings

Maximizing performance and minimizing injury risks is all about mindfulness and habit. From proper planning to pre and post workout care, there are other simple ways to look after your hamstrings.

Warm up and cool down properly

Warming up gives your muscles the necessary transition from a resting state to an active one. That’s why the best warm up exercises always involve movement. They prevent your muscles from overstretching too easily.

Static stretches are reserved for cool down routines as they help curb tightness and DOMS. It’s also important to gently ramp down your cardio engagement before ending a workout. Not doing so causes blood to pool towards your feet, causing dizziness and even fainting.

Get massages

Massage therapy covers plenty of ground in muscle conditioning and recovery. It provides instant pain relief by blocking pain signals and alleviating muscle tension. It also improves your muscles’ nutrient absorption by increasing blood flow, helping them recover from damage. For the same reason, a pre-workout massage can also boost your warm-up game.

Traditional massage techniques that help with hamstring pains include Swedish massage and deep tissue massage. To achieve the same effects, you can also use massage devices like a massage gun. 

Get rid of hamstring pain with Hydragun

The Hydragun, which comes with six different attachment heads.

For DIY massage therapy, a professional-grade device like the Hydragun is your best shot. It’s powerful enough to provide you with the benefits of deep tissue massage. And all of that comes in a sturdy but lightweight form factor for convenient use anywhere.

Just 2 minutes with the massage gun can significantly improve your hamstrings’ performance and reduce their injury risk.

Need a reliable hamstring recovery tool at your beck and call? Try the Hydragun massage gun now.



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