You’ve literally just finished ordering a gift for your mom for Mother’s Day last month, and now it’s time to scramble around for ideas for gifts for Father’s Day.

Props to you for your inspiring filial love, and for coming to the right page to help you make a decision.

Let’s face it, shopping for dad, one of the important people in our lives, can be quite challenging. Even browsing Father’s Day gift ideas might be of no help at times. After all, what would be the best gift for a dad who has “everything” or wants “nothing”?

Ideally, you wouldn’t want to give him anything that is purely decorative or adds to the clutter in his garage, or something that he’d only use once and hide away. 

Sure, he could always use a practical gift, but socks, mugs and shavers are so overdone. In the words of my own father, “I’ve got socks coming out of my ears!” 

Well, there’s one practical thing that’s a) not overdone and, b) something that he doesn’t know he needs: a Hydragun

And here are three reasons why it would make the perfect Father’s Day gift:


1. It’s practical and suitable for every kind of dad

A father and his son on a run.

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We all know that there’s no one-size-fits-all gift for Father’s Day, considering that all dads are different and unique in their own way. This is why there are so many articles on Father’s Day gift ideas, right? 

Well, we can assure you that the Hydragun will delight every kind of dads — from the gadget-obsessed to the handyman, and from athletic dads to the most chill of dads. 

Even if your dad is hopelessly low-tech, he’d definitely enjoy tinkering around and exploring Hydragun’s 6-speed settings and 6 adjustable heads.

And who would turn down a massage anytime, anywhere? Not your dad!


2. Dads love fixing things, so let him fix his aches and pains

A Hydragun place among other handy tools.

Our dads are heroes; they can practically fix everything and anything in the house. They’re the makeshift plumbers, electricians, technicians, troubleshooters and more. 

In fact, they do so much fixing around the house that they tend to neglect their own upkeep at times — judging by their frequent groans and grunts (otherwise known as “dad noises”).

So, why not return the favour this Father’s Day and give dad an opportunity to address his aches and pains with a deep tissue massage gun like the Hydragun? This way, he’ll be able to find relief from his aching back, neck and other areas that might be giving him grief every now and then.

As mentioned before, the Hydragun comes with 6 adjustable heads, dad can provide and target different muscle groups with a much-needed massage. 

The following are our recommendations of which attachment to use for different groups of muscles:

Ball: For large muscle groups

Fork: For deeper penetration of medium muscle groups

Bullet head: For pinpoint targeting of tight knots

Three types of flat heads: For larger surface areas and for recovery for sore muscles that are particularly sore

Plus, with an amplitude of 12mm (the higher the amplitude the deeper the massage, and 12mm is a pretty high number for massage guns), dad would certainly enjoy each “punch” from the massage gun.

Add this to the speed range of 1200 rpm per minute at its lowest setting, and a maximum of 3200 rpm at the speed setting of 6, dad would have a marvellous time figuring out what feels good to him — depending on his level of physical activity. 


3. It’ll guarantee him some peace and quiet

A dad using a Hydragun while working.

The Hydragun is touted as the quietest massage gun on the market. And we’re not just saying that, it really is quiet.

But first, for a little bit of context: most massage guns are loud. It is one of the most common complaints by existing and prospective massage gun users. And understandably so.

Who would consider a loud massage gun to be “relaxing”? This is why, operating at only 30 to 50 decibels, the Hydragun is one of the quietest full-sized guns on the market. In fact, it is quieter than the refrigerator!

You know what this means — he’ll be able to enjoy his TV and get a massage at the same time without any interruptions at all. The latter will last for as long as the battery does, which is 6 hours in total on a single charge. 

And don’t worry about the Hydragun being hard on his arms — especially after a long day of working and fixing — because it only weighs 1.04kg or 2.29lbs, and has plush nano silicone-wrapped handles for optimum comfort.


If you’re not all that convinced about whether this would be the greatest gift your dad will ever get, here are some reviews by people who have gifted this to their dads:


A review from a customer who got a Hydragun as a gift for her father.

“Very fast delivery. I ordered it on Sunday night and received it on Tuesday afternoon. I wanted to give my dad a good surprise at his birthday dinner. We celebrated at his favourite zi char place. He opened the present on the spot and he teared up. My dad is a man of few words and seeing him react like that really got me. I told him that I am very grateful to be his daughter and am very sorry for the times I couldn’t spend with him after I got married. I thought that Hydragun would be a good gift because he has been complaining about his calves and lower back being painful for a few months already. A few hundred bucks for my dad’s lifetime of care and love, one of the best purchases I’ve made so far.”


A review from a customer who bought Hydragun as a gift for their father.

“I got this for my dad for his birthday! He bikes every weekend and I wanted to get him something expensive and luxurious that is also practical. His reaction: he loved it! I think this is one of the best gifts that I got for him because he is also super into gadgets. He brought it to his bike trip last weekend and showed it off to his biking friends and told me that a couple of his friends also has a massage gun but the cheapo Lazada ones. They said the quality and power of Hydragun is really impressive. It’s a 10/10 for me and my dad!”


A review from a customer who bought a Hydragun for her father.

“My family plays badminton every weekend and we can get pretty competitive during the games. Bought the Hydragun for my dad as he usually complains about shoulder aches after intense sessions. He is very happy about the gift and I would say money well spent now that the whole family is using it. Personally, I feel my muscles are more relaxed and less sore after using it on the day of working out.”


So, what are you waiting for? Surprise dad with the perfect gift that combines thoughtfulness and practicality, and one that shows how much you care. Get him a Hydragun today.

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